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Legacy Advertising Worldwide was established in the beginning of 2013 to deliver high value sales and marketing services for some of the worlds largest recognizable clients directly and effectively. By specializing in outsource sales and marketing we have generated an influx of clients. Outsourcing has proven to be effective in the majority of industries around the world. Effectiveness largely depends on the goals of a brand. If a brand wants to increase their customer base massively, the direct marketing is the right course of action.

Legacy Advertising Worldwide was established after discovering a gap in the market for customer acquisition and forward thinking advertising.

At Legacy Advertising Worldwide we deliver a customer service unparalleled in information, and satisfaction within our own ethical practice for our extensive portfolio of clients. Our goal as a company is to give our clients 100% commitment with any campaign or event they wish to run; to ensure we provide them with as much brand awareness as we possibly can.

Legacy Advertising Worldwide represent our clients brand to their end customer on a face-to-face basis and in the most cost-effective way. Our thriving business model makes use of outsourcing instead of vertical integration. This strategy has proved to be highly effective, as Legacy Advertising Worldwide continue to go from strength to strength. Understanding our clients end user is important for us to deliver their brand message effectively.

Not afraid of hard work, Legacy Advertising Worldwide has gone from strength to strength, generating results through smart marketing strategies. Continual commitment and dedication has led to a high demand in the market for our expertise.

Our thriving business model makes use of outsourcing instead of vertical integration which allows us to reach and increase the mass market. The provision of service we provide derives from our specific systems and strategies which have generated us measurable results.

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